A unique platform
to gather and visualize all your predictive technologies results

Responsive content

Access your results anywhere, at any time, on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Consult your key performance indicators aimed for continuous improvement


Alerts management

Easily follow your corrective actions thanks to a user-friendly interface


Observe the improvement of your plant's overall health over time

Link and monitor what matters

Our 4 available predictive technologies include detailed reporting and customized failure codes, observations and recommendations.


Oil Analysis



Prioritize actions with asset health
and operational risk

Exclusive feature

SPARTAKUS™ calculates your operational risk which is the probable cost of failure if no corrective action is put in place. It also quantifies your global plant health and displays the most critical information on a dynamic dashboard: immediate actions required, open alerts, new results, etc. That way, you will be able to focus your actions on a specific area of your plant, or on designated assets.


Improve your reliability program
and quantify its economic impact

Dig in your results and generate reports, tables, pareto graphs, etc.


Health and alert status
at each level of your asset hierarchy

Color codes and health quantification help you identify the bad actors in one glance. Customizable failure codes, observations and recommendations are available so you can get clear information and solutions. Add a Work Order number and print a PDF report so you can attach it to your corrective action.


Oil analysis
at your fingertip

Our oil analysis interface displays all the laboratory information in our Spartakus dynamic format.


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